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An update to "My Favorite Contribution to Science."

Since I originally wrote the following, the link has changed. That, and the fact that I've added new friends to my flist since then, give me an excuse to repost it, along with a new link.

I am the world's expert on the fossil snails and clams of Rancho La Brea. Seriously. Of course, that and $1.60 plus tax will get me a tall coffee at Starbucks. It's still my claim to scientific fame. On that note, I'm going to take advantage of my finding the list of mollusk species from Rancho La Brea on a Google search. Here it is.
Rancho La Brea Invertebrates (Revised link)

Scroll down to the mollusks (Classes Bivalvia and Gastropoda).  Except for Holospira, anything you see that isn't followed by a double dagger (‡) is the result of my work 20 years ago.  Then even missed one of my identifications.  There were specimens of Helix aspersa, the common escargot snail of coastal southern California, that were recent contaminants of the disturbed portion of the pit that had been previously excavated during the early 20th Century.
Tags: paleontology, real life, science, tar pits
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