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It may be NaNoWriMo for you, but it's NaBlaPoMo for me.

I don't have a book in me any more, not since I gave up on writing a book on the TV show Survivor in 2006 when crashed and I lost access to a lot of my notes (next time, I back up my material), but I do have a blog post a day for a month in me. Therefore, I'm going to sign up for National Blog Posting Month AKA NaBloPoMo instead. I've already posted three times today just on my LJ, so I'm well on my way. Besides, it gives me an excuse for what I'm already doing. :-P :-)

Now, I'm going to make this the last post for tonight, so I don't run out of posts. Mind you, "tonight" ends in 15 minutes here.

Tags: meta, nablopomo

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