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First round of thanks for all the well wishers for our wedding and marriage.

I'm going to get around to thanking all of you here on LJ as well as on Facebook and Daily Kos for all your congratulations and wishes for a happy future for me and my bride kaligreeneyes. Tonight, however, I am singling out a particular set of my friends on LJ who blessed our marriage with your thoughts, but who are themselves prevented from marrying the ones they love because our society does not allow marriage equality for all consenting adults. Now that kaligreeneyesand I have been married for a week, we find your situation especially poignant; we are so happy being married and we wish that everyone who wants to could enjoy married life. It saddens us that you cannot join us. Therefore, we pledge to work for a future where this injustice no longer stands.

So, on this night when marriage equality is on the ballot in Maine and Washington and an anti-discrimination ordinance is being voted on in Kalamazoo, Michigan, kaligreeneyesand I wish to give all of our GLBT friends here on LJ our sincerest thanks for your best wishes.
Tags: marriage, politics

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