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Fan: Social media status update


Last week, I passed 400 friends on Facebook, which reminds me that it's time to give a social media status update to see how many fans I have. As of the last time I posted one on March 4, I had the following:
Facebook: 358
Twitter: 323
Daily Kos: 129
(Finding out your followers is a new feature of Daily Kos)
Livejournal: 118
(it used to be 120, but one person subscribed to me on Dreamwidth then unffiended me here, and then another banned me, for reasons I don't understand)
Dreamwidth: 15-20
(Dreamwidth is being "robust" right now so I can't retrieve that info, so I'll edit it in later; it's also why I'm not crossposting this from there)
Journalfen: 8
(I'm barely active on JF except in communities)
YouTube: 10 subscribers and 7 friends
(and I don't even upload videos!)
Flickr: I don't think I have any.

Now, I have these numbers.

Facebook: 404
Twitter: 383
(My Twitter follwership is likely to exceed my Facebook friends list this year).
Daily Kos: 140
(I have to blog there more often than once a week to get good growth in numbers. Still, it's growing faster than LJ).
Livejournal: 123, 121 of which are mutual friends
(it used to be 124, but two people deleted their accounts while people I know from USENET and Facebook friended me. However, I really haven't lost them. One of them is subscribed to me on Dreamwidth while another has me friended on JournalFen. Another person who deleted their LJ account is one of my Facebook friends. This is in addition to the person who unfriended me on LJ but subscribed to me on Dreamwidth. I really could make a claim that 126 people who were my mutual friends on LJ still are in my circle somewhere online).
Dreamwidth: 28
YouTube: 11 subscribers and 12 friends
(I still haven't uploaded videos there).
Crazy Eddie's Motie News: 11
(I didn't even have this blog the last status update).
Journalfen: 8
(No movement since May. No surprise, as I hardly ever post in my own journal there).
Flickr: 1
(I do upload photos there, but no one seems to be paying any attention).

That concludes this irregular status update. Next one whenever I pass 450 on Facebook, 400 on Twitter, 150 on Daily Kos or LiveJournal, 50 on Dreamwidth, or 25 on any of the other services, whichever comes first. Any bets on which one it will be? Originally crossposted to neonvincent on Dreamwidth. Comment here or there, whichever you prefer.
Tags: blogging, bragging, crazy eddie's motie news, daily kos, dreamwidth, facebook, fan, flickr, journalfen, meta, nablopomo, twitter, youtube

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