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Nablopomo for July: Swim


The following arrived in my email last night.
Hi bloggers,

July's theme for daily blogging: SWIM. Hopefully the Southern Hemisphere will forgive the Northern Hemisphere for having swimming on the brain. But it's more than just pools -- when things are going well, we say they're going swimmingly. We can sink or swim. And of course there are always bloggers swimming against the stream. I think it's a theme everyone can dive into.

As always, bloggers planning on posting every day in July who would like to be on the blogroll can go here and follow the directions at the top of the page. The "official" July badge is here, but please feel free to create your own and add it to the comments there for others to share.
Of course I'm participating. The only question is which blog to submit to the blogroll. I don't have to decide right away. As the instructions at the top of the July blogroll state, "The July blogroll is open until July 4th." I'll probably post to both my Dreamwidth/LiveJournal and Crazy Eddie's Motie News on Blogspot and see how I feel about each on the 4th. Either would work, but I never get worn out from blogging on LJ. I do get burned out knowing I have to blog daily on my Blogspot. Based on that alone, I should probably use my LJ. Since I'm a procrastinator, I'm still waiting until the 4th to decide. Originally crossposted to neonvincent on Dreamwidth. Comment here or there, whichever you prefer.
Tags: blogging, crazy eddie's motie news, dreamwidth, livejournal, meta, nablopomo, swim
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